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Help Austin Farm Sanctuary this
Giving Tuesday 2021

This Giving Tuesday, on November 30th, please consider donating or fundraising to help Austin Farm Sanctuary build up our 2022 Medical Fund. Give the gift of life by committing to donate today. 

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$33,307 raised of $30,000 goal!

Building our 2022 Medical Fund

Giving Tuesday is so much more than just raising money. It is about saving lives and providing exceptional care to those that call Austin Farm Sanctuary home. So far in 2021, our medical expenses have totaled just over $55,000. That is just over 1/3 of our annual operating budget.  By means of comparison, when we first started the sanctuary in 2018, our veterinarian bills totaled $4,000. In 2020, we spent $19,000 on medical care. With the build out of our new land in motion, having dedicated funds to support emergency rescues and proactive care is paramount. As we continue to expand and save more lives, our funding needs too continue to increase.

Your Donation

In 2021 so far we have saved the lives of over 30 beautiful souls that now call our sanctuary home. For every animal that comes into our care, we provide proactive and reactive medical care to support them through illnesses and keep them healthy. There are always unexpected expenses in animal rescue -- whether it's treating neglected chicks and ducks surrendered to us from Tractor Supply's "Chick Days", bottle feeding abandoned baby goats, treating pig wounds following an unexpected "bite incident", or any number of emergencies that come up. We've exhausted our medical fund for this year and continue to be reliant on the kindness and compassion of our donors to ensure that we can build it back up for the year ahead. All donations go directly toward caring for our residents. Austin Farm Sanctuary is staffed only by volunteers. 

Your Donation is Tax Deductible
Austin Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations to Austin Farm Sanctuary are tax deductible, and the donations from Giving Tuesday will go directly towards the medical care of the residents of our sanctuary.

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"Prior Giving Tuesday successes have changed the trajectory of this organization and allowed us to become the thriving sanctuary we are today. This year, we need your help more than ever. Our focus for Giving Tuesday is to build our 2022 Medical Fund. Give the gift of life by donation now"

Chris Fuller-Wigg, Co-Founder


Wally's Story

Wally, the most recent emergency rescue for the sanctuary, was surrendered to us from a pig farm after the farmer noticed he had developed 2 large growths on the joints of his legs and was struggling to get around.

We took Wally in immediately, knowing he had a long road to recovery ahead. So far since joining the sanctuary, Wally has visited the emergency room 4 times as our veterinarian team works to resolve the infections causing the growths in his legs, as well as pneumonia his little body has struggled to fend off.

Wally has received surgery and has made amazing progress. The swelling in his legs however continues to return and he requires ongoing medical care as well as physical therapy to help him regain the use of his legs.


Wendell's Story

Wendell was found, very sick, on the side of the highway at one week old. Sepsis had ravaged his poor little body and as a result he developed neurological issues. Wendell was rushed to the emergency room where after multiple near death experiences and a few weeks of around the clock care, his health made a miraculous turn for the positive. He returned home and worked to get stronger.


He got to be roommates/neighbors with our other cows, goats, and pigs. He received daily treatment for the remaining infections that were affecting him neurologically. He received so much love, knew the feeling of grass under his hooves, and the warmth of the sun on his skin.


Sadly, after months of improving, Wendell declined quickly and tragically passed in Chris's arms, while he was being rushed to the emergency room. Our hearts remain entangled with sorrow and joy when reflecting on the story of this baby who’s ashes will forever rest in the cow pasture of our new land. Because of our donors, fondly referred to as "Wendell’s Warriors",  he knew love and peace in his short life.


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Ways You Can Help

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