Harvey Austin Farm Sanctuary February 20
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Harvey's Story

Meet Harvey! This boss lady came to us from our dear neighbor Nick, who lives right down the road. A friend of Nick's was driving near Houston during the devastating flooding of Hurricane Harvey in 2018. Harvey was a baby with no chance of escaping the rising flood waters. She was left for dead, to be an insurance claim, except Nick’s friend called the Sheriff to get permission to go in and save her. Nick bottle fed Harvey and raised her just like the little grass puppy she is! Harvey was raised to be convinced she is a dog and the TOP dog at that. Harvey lives without fear and does not struggle with confidence. Being the only cow over at Nick’s animal paradise, she quickly found herself having far outgrown the other animal friends. We had just recently taken in our first cow, Rosie, who happened to be lonely. We knew it was divine timing. With Harvey and Rosie, you could tell from the start they would be like sisters ("I love you, but you bug me sometimes"). And to be honest, Harvey was very confused as to why she no longer had access to the front door! She thought that outside business was for cows, not dogs such as herself! But she quickly adjusted, settled in, and became very happy. You can often find her playing with friends and wrestling. Harvey has no fear and loves to let our buddy Bo-Diddley know that she is queen bee (even though he outweighs her by at least 400 lbs)! She loves to be loved on and can be found running around with zoomies, just like the puppy she will always be in our hearts.


Harvey is our sweetheart Hurricane Harvey rescue!

Queen of the Cows

Very Playful

Rescued from Hurricane Harvey

Photos of Harvey

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