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Panchito's Story

Meet Panchito! Panchito is one of our 3 Caballeros: Panchito, Jose, and Donald! These boys were surrendered to Austin Farm Sanctuary by local animal control. They were found wandering as strays, likely dumped by their previous owners. Jose, Donald, and Panchito were luckily picked up by animal control because these piggies do not have the capability to survive in the wild and would have died quickly. Panchito is a bit quieter and less demanding than the others, but he enjoys affection if you're willing to find him and offer a little scratch. His favorite hobby is blowing bubbles in the wallow.


Panchito the Caballero is a bubble blowing beau!

Big But Sweet

Coolest Coat Award

Jose's BFF

Photos of Panchito

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