Expanding Austin Farm Sanctuary, Together

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Amplify Austin 2022 Fundraising Goal

For 24-hours beginning Wednesday, March 2nd at 6:00pm, take part in the largest online giving day of the year and help us reach our fundraising goal of $45,000. These funds will help us with the next building phase on the new sanctuary land!

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What the Future Looks Like

We did it! We were able to purchase a beautiful 40 acres of land to grow the capacity of the sanctuary and further share our mission and vision. With the additional space, we will one day have the capacity to provide a safe haven to more than 800 additional lives. Our vision also includes space for events (weddings, etc.) and cabins for overnight visitors to meet the residents and support our cause! 

What’s the next step? Turn this land into a home. We need to build the necessary infrastructure (fencing, wells, shelters, etc.) to move our current residents to their new home, as well prepare for new rescue intakes. We have already begun to move some of our residents to their new homes, and with funding for essentials like fencing, water and shelter, we hope to move everyone by October. Please consider giving monthly and donating to our exciting growth!

Our Sanctuary Building Plans:
Lakee Flato Vision

We are extremely excited to be working with consultants Lake| Flato on concept designs and master plans that will allow us to create an amazing, sustainable 40-acre farm sanctuary. Your support will help us take these designs and dreams, and make them a reality. 

Chicken Shelter
Working Barn
Duck Shelter
Big Pig Shelters
Visitor Cabins
Visitor Center

Fund Allocations

Plan and build over 8,000 feet of fencing across the 40 acre new location.

Install a well for fresh water access, along with electricity and water lines to ensure a high standard of living for our residents.

Start building our vision for shelters, a new barn, visitor center and cabins.

Save up to 700 additional animals with ample room to roam at the new sanctuary.

Founding Member Benefits

Our caring supporters who donate a minimum of $1,000 are eligible to become Founding Members of the Farm. 

Add your name to our Founding Members wall 
soon to be built at
the new land!

Receive email and newsletter updates
about the farm expansion progress!

Receive special invitations for unique 
events at the Sanctuary

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Thank You For Making Dreams Come True

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