Our Mission

To rescue and provide sanctuary to farmed animals and inspire change in how society views and treats these wonderful souls.

We're a 501(c)(3) Animal Rescue Farm and Organization 


We're the Fuller-Wiggs!

Love fuels the sanctuary and love started the sanctuary. We (Angela and Chris, co-founders) and our 4 dogs closed on our first home in 2016 in South Austin. One week after moving in we rescued our first farm animal residents, Bertha and Cookie, a mother/daughter pair. The party really started not long after when we rescued Doya the Pig! Our dream had been realized and our passion ignited. We began rescuing more animals and building the family you will find on this page today.


In 2018 we moved to Cedar Creek, TX in order to create more space for our current residents and prepare for future rescues. A LOT has gone into Austin Farm Sanctuary in the last few years and we are incredibly overwhelmed by the support that's allowed our dreams to flourish. We love growing our farm family and encourage you to donate, volunteer and/or visit to support these amazing animals. Thank you for your interest in Austin Farm Sanctuary. We look forward to saving lives with you.


Chris + Angela


We strive to create a positive relationship between people and farmed animals. Through this we hope to encourage mindfulness and shift the way society perceives, values and treats them. We inform people of the horror that is the modern day farm industry and educate on the personal health and environmental benefits of a plant-based/vegan lifestyle.




Our History

Just like all good stories, ours begins with love, 2 goats and a pig


In September of 2016 we purchase our first home together in South Austin. A week after moving in we welcome 2 rescued goats, Bertha and Cookie, a mother/daughter pair into the family. 


Time to shake things up! Doya the Pig joins the family at the beginning of the year and changes the game. Doya joining the family inspires the dream of Austin Farm Sanctuary. Shortly after, we are approved as an official 501c3 Non-Profit under the name "Fuller-Wigg Farms Animals Sanctuary". The ball is rolling, as they say, and we add a number of feathered, hooved and furry friends to the ever growing family.


Movin on up, to the far East Side, Cedar Creek TX. Needless to say, that 1/2 acre in South Austin was starting to get pretty full, so we move a little outside of town to get more land. With more land means new residents and lives to save. At the end of the year we host our first volunteer day with our first supporters the central Texas volleyball community.


Starting off the year with a bang! Bo Diddley and Reba are rescued in January and a few weeks later Reba gives birth to Valentine (on Valentine's Day). Valentine becomes the first baby of the sanctuary. We have our first "on-camera" experiences and appear on the show "1stLookTV" on NBC and "Baby Hers", an independent documentary exposing the dairy industry.


Go big or go home, right? In January we make the road trip over to Arkansas to rescue Jessie, Sydney and Dexter. A TV crew from CBS All Access joins us for the adventure as they film us for a series named "That Animal Rescue Show". In March, the pandemic tuns 2020 upside down, but we remain determined to flourish during this time and adapt to this new situation. Growing our online presence brings us many opportunities, including an appearance on "Dr. Phil".  We continue to thrive and build upon our virtual community engagement.


"Protecting animals reveals the compassionate side of every person no matter how deep it's hidden. They are the most vulnerable beings in the world, and I can't imagine life without them."

Pierce, AFS Volunteer

"Volunteering at Austin Farm Sanctuary puts my values into action. It’s a meaningful way for me to spend my time while bringing me so much happiness! I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to get to know the sweet animals in their care. It’s truly my happy place!"

Cameron, AFS Volunteer

"When I donate to Austin Farm Sanctuary, I truly experience a personal connection to these amazing animals. I feel like I am doing something good...like I am part of the reason they are able to have a happy, healthy home.
They need us...and I’m glad to be able to help them."

Tiger, AFS Volunteer

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