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Monthly sponsorships ensure your favorite furry, hooved or feathered friend(s) receive food, shelter and veterinary care. Click on the link below each resident to learn more about them! Please commit to sponsoring monthly today and help us save more lives.

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Big Pigs

Big Pig

Top pig coming through at a solid 700 lbs! He's a boss... just look at him! Learn more about his incredible story.


Sissy joined us in October 2020 and is ready to take on the world! She is the littermate of our pal Tiny, who crossed the rainbow bridge in July 2020.


The pig that started it al! Doya is 600 lbs. of love and sweetness! He's a big fan of belly rubs and loves affection.


Tink also known as Queen of the wallow. She is often found enjoying a mud bath and will flop for belly rubs.


Pan is the pig version of the 😝 emoji. He's the smallest of the group but is quite comfortable with his role as little guy.

Little Pigs

Little Pigs


Panchito enjoys affection but isn't pushy about it. Likes to blow bubbles in the wallow and hang with his pal Jose.


Jose is the littlest pig at the sanctuary but don't tell him that. He is convinced that he is top pig and fights for his right to party.


Will quickly flop onto his belly to snuggle into the dirt or flop onto his side and stretch out for a belly rub.


Top pig in the little pigs crew. Peabody was found as a stray but still welcomes love and belly rubs.

Miss Piggy.png

The first AFS "little pig". NEVER show up late with breakfast. Often found snoozing in an PIGloo. A fan favorite!


Loves to sprawl out in the sun. Strawberries are one of her favorites. She is a gentle giant in the little pig world!


Rescued as a baby, PeeWee is a ittle lover. He is fully grown now, but we see him as this little boo above. 


Licorice, the little nomad. He’s been working through human trust issues but is still such a sweet boy.


We call him Mr. Miyagi for a reason! Wise beyond his years. Learn more about this sweet boy and newest little pig.




Missy is small but mighty! She typically keeps her distance, but that makes interactions with her all that more meaningful.


Rowdy in name, not in action. This sweet man is a gentle soul, loves scratches and gets daily treatment for arthritis to help with his limp.


Norbert was named after a Harry Potter dragon, but is more of a love-breathing mythical creature than fire-breathing. A big fan of scratches and the most dedicated grazer.


Ricky is small, but has earned the rank of "top goat" in his group. Don't let that fool you, Ricky will be first in line for back scratches when humans come around.


Daniel is the sweetest litttttttle boy. He is gentle, loving and often ranked in the top 3 for "most beautiful eyes" at AFS when we poll his friends.


Buddy is such a strong boy, taking blindness by the horns and not letting that hold him back. He is 100% a lap puppy and excitedly awaits snuggle time.


Bertha is the reincarnation of Curious George in a goats body. She is always finding ways to get through fences or sneak attacking volunteers to get extras from the feed bucket.


The O.G. (original goat) as we like to call her. Cookie is calm and kind, she is often found laying with her daughter, Bertha. An incredible ambassador for AFS.

betsy ross.png

Betsy Ross is the believed to be the oldest goat at the sanctuary, but that doesn't mean she gets pushed around. She comes battle ready when there is a need to claim access to the hay feeder.


Buttercup is the most shy of the goats. She likes to give her love from a distance, and does so through the cute heart print on her forehead.


Daisy is one of our amazing mamas, joined by her son Ned! She has a ton of fun playing "run away" during hoof trimming and vetting time. 


Ned is joined by his amazing mom, Daisy! Ned is a social butterfly, always trying to get a snuggle, or giving you a bump to say hi!

tin can.png

Named for his desire to eat anything, Tin Can is always first in line for treats. This goofy goat is vocal, social, and ready to make you laugh!


Maternal to the other goats and quiet company to humans, Nike brings a sense of peace wherever she goes.


Sweet Bocephus just wants to be held and cuddled. This gentle boy is quickly making friends with anyone he meets, including his newest goat pal, Wawa.


Wawa is a confident and social goat who loves snuggling with her besite, Bocephus.



Sweet Olivia prefers to snack solo but is already up for a cuddle after! She gets along with everyone she meets!



Rosie was our first cow and she remains a special part of our family! She is deaf, has strong boundaries, and will let you know if she needs some space, but she's a lover at heart.


Harvey lives without fear and does not struggle with her confidence. She loves to be loved on and can often be found running around with zoomies.

bo diddley.png

Bo Diddley hasn't met a fence/gate that he can't break. Bo welcomes affection and is a loving father to his daughter Valentine.


Reba is the proud mom of Valentine! She can be a little shy with humans but loves lounging with her family!


The only baby born at the sanctuary. Val is inquisitive and wants to know if your fingers are food. Might give your hand a little lick to find out!

jessie mae.png

Jessie Mae is the beautiful matriarch of two of our other cows — Dexter and Sydney! Jessie is partially blind in both of her eyes but that doesn't hold her back!


Dexter, aka "Mr. Fluff", loves taking dips in the pond and is all about affection... could he be any cuter? 



Sydney joined us with his mom Jessie Mae and adopted brother Dexter. He is hailed as "Duke of the Pond", hoping for that King role when he's grown.



Sydney joined us with his mom Jessie Mae and adopted brother Dexter. He is hailed as "Duke of the Pond", hoping for that King role when he's grown.


Chickens, Ducks, & Quail


Don't move too slowly during feeding time if you don't want Robin to speed you up!


Yanina is a lover and welcomes new volunteers when they enter her pen.


Piper is the smallest of the Cornish Crew...and the quickest too!


Berni loves to monitor volunteers while they are in her pen (in the hopes of extra treats of course).


He likes it when you call him Big Papa. Gregory is one big boy, but don't let that concern you, he is the sweetest.


Barry is blind in one of his eyes, but that doesn't slow him down. Want to put that to the test? Be ready when feeding him dinner!


King of the Coop! Galactus is the leader of the Marvel Flock and takes his role seriously. Don't tell him we said this, but despite his flexing, he is an angel.


Yondu likes to rock out and has the hair-do for the job.


Nebula is shy put and often found sitting on eggs in her coop.


Don't let his size intimidate you, Thor is a lover and such a handsome boy.

captain marvel.png

The most human interested of the Marvel crew. Captain Marvel is often close by and ready for treats.


Always keeping close to her friend, Black Widow, Hawkeye's favorite past time is perching on top of her coop with friends.

black widow.png

Black Widow's name is a little bit of a misnomer. This girl is incredibly sweet, but shy and loves dust bathing.


Falcon moves at the speed of light. This sweet girl is one of the smaller hens in the Marvel flock, but uses her speed to separate from the pack and be first to the treats.

drax polaroid.png

Drax has the best dance moves around and is much smaller than his fellow roosters!


Spring Chickens.png

The Spring Chickens were Tractor Supply "Chick Day" rescues. They are affectionate and welcoming to any new resident that joins them. They are a brave and curious bunch.

Spring Ducks.png

The Spring Ducks came from a variety of backgrounds! They can always be found together and love spending their days splashing around in the water.

Mini Donkeys

Mini Donkeys

Dolly holds the title of being the first Austin Farm Sanctuary donkey! She is the definition of a lover and welcomes scratches from her volunteer friends. 


Coco is the spunkiest animal at the sanctuary. She is often seen running the cows off from their food and doing what appears to be impromptu karate at every corner of her pasture.



Cheezy is on a mission for a belly rub! He loves herding anyone he can around the farm, and the only ulterior motive is snuggles.


Lottie is our gentle giant, welcoming new folks at the gate and then sticking around in case anyone needs anything!


Brink came to our sanctuary in 2017 alongside his sister, Lottie! Of the pupper party, Brink is just a sweet lover.


Finn is one of the old timers, as he was Chris' dog from long before sanctuary days. Finn is one of the reasons they purchased the large property to begin with!


Meet Whiskey! Whiskey is one of Angela's original pups. This beautiful scruffy buddy goes way way back with the owners, but she will share you


Another one of Angela's original pups! Meet Cola!


Whiskey's son!



Lily has found in an abandoned shed, caring for 5 one-week old puppies and dying from a gun shot wound that caused her to lose her leg. BUT look at her now <3


This boy welcomed Chris and Angela to the sanctuary, as he was living on the land before they arrived.


lil mama.png

Lil Mama is the oldest member of the cat clan and the mom of Sassafrass!


Chonk alert! Magellan is the largest member of the cat clan and a bit of a nomad.


Sassafrass can be a bit shy but she likes to show us where the food goes!



Wiz is our master gardener, tending to his very own track of land each day! He loves greeting people at the fence or hanging out in his handcrafted hole.

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