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Our Land Expansion Plans

Austin Farm Sanctuary has been in growth mode since our inception in early 2017. Thanks to your support we currently provide sanctuary to over 65 animal residents and have been able to rescue, rehabilitate, transport and rehome many more. Our mission to save lives and inspire change while doing so is in full effect, and it is time to take it to the next level. It is time for the next stage in our growth: expanding the sanctuary.

It is no accident that the 5-acre property you know as Austin Farm Sanctuary today is near various plots of 20+ acres of undeveloped land. We’ve affectionately called any site like these “The Dream” for the last few years. Let’s chase the dream together!

We have begun discussions with our real estate team and local property owners to secure the residents an even bigger slice of freedom. Our next step is to raise the funds required to make a down payment on the land and prepare it for our residents. Buying this much land requires a significant amount of funding. With our amazing community by our side and the lives of many future residents relying on our success we are ready to take on any obstacle. Let's do this!


More land? Makes sense, but what impact will this really have for Austin Farm Sanctuary, animals, and our community?

More space for tours to share our story and

change the world!

Make more space for fun for our current residents

to live the dream!

We'll be able to save

over 700 lives!



Large watering hole that the animals will get to share for bathing, cooling, swimming, drinking, splashing

An abundance of shaded land with beautiful trees as well as plenty of grazing space for cattle, equine, and goats.

Easy access to & from Austin, where the majority of our volunteers and visitors live.

Direct access to our amazing & trusted local veterinary care team at Texas A&M College Station.


Get your name on the Hall of Heroes at the future Barn!

Donations in the amounts below will memorialise 

your name on the walls of the future facilities!

Galactus' Groupies


Norbert's Nice Guys


Ms. Piggy's Pals


Bo Diddley Beaus


Doya's Darlin's


Buddy's Buddies


Harvey's Heroes


Tiny's Troop


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Help Make Our Sanctuary Dreams Come True!

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