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Austin Farm Sanctuary September 2020 (ed
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Pee Wee's Story

Meet Peewee! This sweet little boy joined us at a few weeks old. He was surrendered to us after being purchased by a young teen who wasn't allowed to keep him. They did not feel comfortable returning him where he had come from due to the living conditions they had seen. We are so grateful that of all the places he could have ended up, he ended up here with us, where he gets along with EVERYBODY. (Really!) If you come visit, he'll bump up against you to say hi, and to ask you to please rub his side. If you ask nicely, he'll show off and blow you some bubbles in the wallow!


Peewee, our first baby pig, is friends with EVERYBODY, including you!

First Baby Pig at AFS

Biggest Little Belly on the Farm

Quicker Than He Looks

Photos of Pee Wee

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