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Black Widow's Story

Meet Black Widow! Black Widow is one of our crew of "Marvel chicks!" These sweet buddies came to us from Tractor Supply Co. “chick days." In the Spring and Fall, feed stores often have less than one week old chicks and ducklings for sale. To make this happen, these babies are shipped all over the nation at just a day old. This takes a huge toll on their young bodies and their little immune systems, so many die in transit. Of those that survive, some get sick at the store. These places don’t offer veterinary care, so there is low chance of recovery. Luckily, Chris and Angela built a relationship with their local TSC and have been given permission to pull sick chicks and ducklings a new life. Our 2019 brood all have Marvel names, as they are super heroes that defied the odds and were given a chance to live.


Black Widow's name is a little bit of a misnomer. This girl is incredibly sweet, but shy and loves dust bathing.

Hawkeye's BFF

Likes Her Spot Under the Hutch

Surrendered by Tractor Supply

Photos of the Chickens

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