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Volunteer With Us!

We welcome all the help we can get here at the Sanctuary!

Learn more about opportunities for volunteering.

Volunteer Options at the Sanctuary

Taking care of the 200+ residents here at Austin Farm Sanctuary requires a team! We'd love to have your help in keeping them happy and healthy at their forever home.

Animal Care Team: We are currently focusing on building our team, consisting of recurring volunteers that can join us twice a month for a shift/chore. If that's you, join us for one of our monthly orientation sessions to learn more! We're located in Paige, Texas, which is where all volunteer shifts happen. Have questions? Send us an email! 

Have Other Skills to Bring to The Table? Interested in supporting construction work, fundraising, marketing/advertising initiatives, keeping our website/other systems up and running, or other awesome skills to help all aspects of AFS? We'd love to chat. Email us. ""

Group/Corporate Volunteering: Looking for a way to serve your community with some coworkers or friends? Email us about scheduling a group work day. ""

Orientations Are Closed for Summer! Email Us <3
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"Protecting animals reveals the compassionate side of every person no matter how deep it's hidden. They are the most vulnerable beings in the world, and I can't imagine life without them."

Pierce, AFS Volunteer

Austin Farm Sanctuary September 2020 (ed

"Volunteering at Austin Farm Sanctuary puts my values into action. It’s a meaningful way for me to spend my time while bringing me so much happiness! I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to get to know the sweet animals in their care. It’s truly my happy place!"

Cameron, AFS Volunteer


"When I donate to Austin Farm Sanctuary, I truly experience a personal connection to these amazing animals. I feel like I am doing something I am part of the reason they are able to have a happy, healthy home.
They need us...and I’m glad to be able to help them."

Tiger, AFS Volunteer

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