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Education with LEAP at AFS

LEAP empowers High School students to become compassionate catalysts for change by addressing leadership in three main areas:

Students consider the ethics of using animals for food, clothing, scientific testing, and entertainment and learn about the resulting effects on human communities, industry, the animals themselves, and society as a whole. Students also build leadership skills including critical thinking, relationship building, and public speaking.


LEAPers learn about issues impacting wild, companion, and traditionally farmed animals and learn to respectfully and responsibly interact with them, advocate for them, and care for them in a sanctuary setting. The program discusses animal sentience,
enrichment, veterinary care, and more.


Participants explore how animal agriculture impacts both climate change and the loss of native habitats and discover ways to positively impact the health of our ecosystems through diet and lifestyle choices, rewilding the land, personal responsibility, and community projects.

Join the LEAP program with AFS! Recruiting begins the 2nd week of August and our curriculum begins the 2nd weekend in September!.

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