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Barry's Story

Meet Barry! Barry comes to us with a flock of friends that all survived an animal sacrifice ritual. They were stuffed in plastic crates, stacked high, and forced to await their execution on the streets of Brooklyn as part of Kaporos - an ultra-orthodox Jewish atonement ceremony.


Amazing groups of activists set up rescue and recovery stations to take in the chickens they were able to help. They saved chicks abandoned in the street, those discarded into trash bags still alive, or chickens surrendered by workers too mortified to go forth with the ritual and all of its horrors. These activists connected us with these buddies in January 2019, which gave them a chance at a good life, and us a chance to laugh with all their antics. Barry is gentle and allows some pets.


Barry is gentle and loves his chest to be scratched! Get to know him and his story.

Sweetest of the Cornish Crew

Blind in 1 Eye

Rescued from Kaporos

Photos of the Chickens

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