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Bo-Diddley's Story

Meet Bo Diddley! This handsome man brought a whole family with him, who we now know as Reba and Valentine! This sweet crew were first beloved pets. But when their owners fell on hard times, the whole family (with a baby in Reba's belly) were crowded into an auction yard to await a dire fate. Luckily, instead, their family was able to join our family in January 2019. The little baby in the belly is now named Valetine, born on Valentine's Day 2019 here at the sanctuary. Bo Diddley is a rowdy gate breaker, who might try to lovingly bonk you with his horns (so be careful!). We are so grateful that this family could become part of our family.


Bo-Diddley showed up rowdy with his girl Reba and their son Valentine!

Largest of the AFS Cattle

Loves Testing Fencing

Valentine's Papa

Photos of Bo-Diddley

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