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Bocephus _ Austin Farm Sanctuary May 202
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Bocephus' Story

Meet Bocephus! Bo was found the side of the road in a residential neighborhood at about 10 days old. After a visit to the vet he was diagnosed with a case of pneumonia, then came back home to recover. He immediately began practicing his skills at grazing. His time as a solo baby was brief, as he was quickly joined by Wawa. Bocephus is an expert cuddler. Don't you try sneaking away either, because he'll quickly protest. He wants to spend his day snuggling and isn't shy about making it known. 


Sweet Bocephus just wants to be held and cuddled. This gentle boy is quickly making friends with anyone he meets, including his newest goat pal, Wawa.

The Best Snuggler

Best Friends with Wawa

Found in a Residential Area

Photos of Bocephus

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