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Buddy's Story

Meet Buddy! Our sweet boy Buddy is blind, and he was rescued from a goat meat farm at just 4 weeks old. Because he was struggling to remain with the rest of the herd and required special care, Buddy was made available to us by farmers.


He now receives the love, care, and life he deserves. We are so excited to watch this boy grow up, and if you want to find him when you visit, just look for his big floppy ears. He is chatty and fun. Warning: He might take up hours of your time with snuggles!


Buddy is such a strong boy, taking blindness by the horns and not letting that hold him back. He is 100% a lap puppy and excitedly awaits snuggle time.

Youngest AFS Goat

BFF's with

Dr. Phil

Fastest Bottle Drinker in the South

Photos of Buddy

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