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Chispito's Story

Meet Chispito, or as he is affectionately known, Cheezy! This little boy joined Austin Farm Sanctuary as a scared stray who had clearly been through some rough times on the street. We were able to give him all the intense medical care and TLC he needed to get back into shape, and again able to live a joyful life.


Now, that is all just a vague memory of his past, as he is now quite possibly the most handsome dude (complete with mysterious scars) that’s ever existed. Cheezy is a lover and demander of affection. He'll follow you around the farm as long as you're here, in hopes he might get a snuggle or two.


Cheezy is on a mission for a belly rub! He loves herding anyone he can around the farm, and the only ulterior motive is snuggles.

Tour guide and escort

Shy but loves to be loved

Coolest scar

Photos of Chispito

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