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Clarabelle's Story

Meet Clarabelle! Clarabelle, Ty, Haley, and Oliver joined the sanctuary after we received a call from a person who had 5 piglets to surrender. The piglets were just born a few days before. Their mama was a wild pig who was caught in a hunters trap. She gave birth to her babies in a trap. Once she was found by the trappers, she was taken away to be slaughtered and her babies were left to die.

Luckily someone who knew the trappers found out about this and went to get them. He cared for them for a few days until finding us. When they joined the sanctuary the were in really bad shape. They were not very interested in milk, were covered in ticks, and desperately needed proper nutrition. We took them to a vet appointment to make sure they got the meds they needed. The smallest and sickest of the piglets, Dot, unfortunately passed the same day. Her 4 sisters live in her honor.


Clarabelle is incredibly curious but extra cautious. She's the first to come check you our but will often hop out of reach if you try to give her a pet. Her pink nose stands out among her sisters.


Clarabelle is the spunkiest of her litter! She likes to bravely explore, hope around, and give fingers a friendly nibble. 

Smallest in Her Litter

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Photos of Clarabelle

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