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Coco's Story

Meet Coco! The sanctuary became her forever home in 2019, when she left a home of hoarding and neglect in East Texas. She, along with 18 other horses, donkeys, and mules, lived in a very small and unkept yard with little water and no TLC. She doesn't want for any of those things now that she lives on our farm. You can find her observing all her friends from afar, but secure in her loving environments.


Now that she's safe, she takes life slow - no fast movements please! - but has kept her inquisitive nature. If you want to get Coco to warm up to you, bring her favorite toy (buckets!) and a bag of apples.

COCO 101

Coco is the spunkiest animal at the sanctuary. She is often seen running the cows off from their food and doing what appears to be impromptu karate at every corner of her pasture.

Dolly's BFF

Loves Carrots

First AFS mule

Photos of Coco

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