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Cookie's Story

Meet Cookie! Cookie is one half of our inseparable mother and daughter duo, Cookie and Bertha. They were the first inspirations that started this special home for the 65+ animals we have today. Shortly after we got our home, we heard about a couple of goats from a dairy farm who needed to be rehomed. While giving birth to Bertha, Cookie injured her spine and was no longer able to have babies, while Bertha was just too small, no good to breed (fortunately for her!). Their owner truly cared for them while she had them, but they didn’t make money and there just wasn’t space for this little family to stay there. We made the decision to take them in, not knowing it would bring us to this day. At the time, we lived on the bottom floor of our home, so each morning we would wake up to two sets of goat eyes spying through our window demanding an early breakfast! One day, coming home from work, I pulled into the drive to see a goat head levitating a foot above the six foot fence! Bertha had climbed atop the vespa parked in the backyard to see a bigger world than her backyard! We have hours worth of stories about our sassy, sweet, sneaky girls and the hilarity they brought into our lives. But the greatest thing they have ever done is just exist, as a reminder that the sanctuary was created to be a place where these animals can just exist and be loved. Cookie is incredibly kind and loves human contact. She'll nuzzle you and follow you around. She is the queen of the welcoming committee!


The O.G. (original goat) as we like to call her. Cookie is calm and kind, she is often found laying with her daughter, Bertha.

First AFS Goat

Loves Head Scratches

Bertha's Mama

Photos of Cookie

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