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Doya's Story

Doya. The O.P. (Original Pig). The pig that started it all. Doya joined our family in February of 2017 after a student's FFA project ended and he was 3 days from being sent to slaughter. The young woman was desperately searching for a safe home to surrender him. A neighbor noticed that we had Bertha/Cookie (goats) and thought maybe we could help.


We didn't have experience caring for pigs, but we had a large backyard and couldn't say no when we knew Doya's death was the other option. At 6 months old, 120 lbs and putting on 10lbs a week, Doya joined our family and began what you see here today. Sponsor this amazing boy and ensure he continues to live an exceptional life!

DOYA 101

Doya is 600 lbs. of love and sweetness! He's a big fan of belly rubs and being pet and handled.

First AFS

Big Pig!

Big Fan of

Belly Rubs

Weighing in at 600 lbs!

Photos of Doya

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