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Licorice's Story

Meet Licorice! This sweet guy had been living “wild," eventually finding food and shelter at a local horse stall. This seemed to be a good situation to stumble upon after likely being abandoned in the woods. One day, however, one of the horse owners didn’t like him being around and took his pistol out to kill Licorice. Luckily, a few people were able to stop the owner and buy some time until they could coordinate with us to get him to a place where he would be loved. After being a professional nomad, Licorice is home. He might wander through the land, but he is always cared for and never has to go searching for care. He’s still working through human trust issues, so he keeps his distance, but is still such a sweet boy and we love that we could give him sanctuary forever.


Licorice the pig is a strong survivor who found his sanctuary!

2nd AFS Little Pig

Best Side Eye

Saved By a Horse's Love

Photos of Licorice

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