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Magellan's Story

Meet Magellan! When the sanctuary grew to its current spacious land in 2018, there were cats already living in the barn and surrounding property. Over time, they chose to welcome us to what we now call home. They have all warmed up to sanctuary life and now anxiously await breakfast each morning in the barn before a day of hanging out with the little pigs and wandering the woods. A bit of a nomad, Magellan stops by for a snack and some love periodically. While his sightings are sparse, his love to give when he's here is overflowing. He's social with both people and the animal residents - happy to meet anyone he passes.

 Magellan 101

The man, the myth, the legend. Magellan sightings are rare, yet his out-going personality is well-known and loved.

Curious Adventurer

Biggest Kitty



Photos of Magellan

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