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Miss Piggy's Story

Meet Miss Piggy! Sassy yet sweet, Miss Piggy came into our lives and started educating us from the get. This little lady had come from a home where she had been raised for slaughter, but the innocence of children changed her world. The owners' daughters had begun to love her and couldn’t bear to see her killed. They cared for her, but unfortunately she was not afforded proper care or nutrition. She was grossly overweight and had even experienced vision loss. Her sass combined with natural tendencies to protect ourselves caused her to act aggressively toward some of the other animals where she lived. The owner was not going to have her messing with “the income" so she had to go (or become a meal after all). Because we were not yet aware that we would one day run a sanctuary, all of our communication was word of mouth. Once we heard about her, we drove out late that night to pick her up and bring her home. This was the first little pig to show us what happens when they are in fear - the ultimate squeal! Only minutes later, she realized she had a new home with plenty of space to do as she pleases.


Since then, we have been able to get her down to a healthy weight and continue to work with different skin issues that come up. She is extremely loveable and very funny! She enjoys treats (always) and once she feels comfortable with you she loves to get a good belly rub. To stay on her good side, NEVER show up late with breakfast.


To stay on her good side, NEVER show up late with breakfast. Often found snoozing in an igloo

First AFS

Little Pig

Loves Routine

Best Smile

Photos of Miss Piggy

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