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Austin Farm Sanctuary September 2020 (ed
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Ned's Story

Meet Ned! Ned joined us with his mom, sweet Daisy. Daisy and Ned were first bred to be food, but had a brief reprieve as they were reclaimed as pets. Unfortunately, they almost looped back into the dairy/meat industry.


In 2019, we got the opportunity to get them out of that cycle and into a loving home, as a family. Ned is a huge social butterfly! You'll likely meet him when he rubs his head against you and bumps into you to say hi. If you meet Ned, you'll know it, because he'll ask for a snuggle!

NED 101

Ned is joined by his amazing mom, Daisy! Ned is a social butterfly, always trying to get a snuggle, or giving you a bump to say hi!

Top Goat in His Pen

Daisy's Son

Loves Attention and Knows How to Get It

Photos of Ned

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