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Nike's Story

Meet Nike! Nike came to the sanctuary with a bunch of torn ligaments in the lower part of her leg that had healed improperly. She was surrendered to us by a farmer that knew she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the herd and that she was going to need some extra care from here on out. After a visit to the vet, she was outfitted with a new shoe that extends the length of her heel. It adjusts the pressure on her foot so she can stand more soundly. Now she's has a calm, caring presence among her goat friends. She's gentle and kind to the others, and makes for great company.

NIKE 101

Maternal to the other goats and quiet company to humans, Nike brings a sense of peace wherever she goes.

Queen of the Picnic Table

Coolest Shoe Award

Calmest Company

Photos of Nike

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