Norbert's Story

Meet Norbert! Norbert found his forever home at the sanctuary after he was brought to us by a young girl who was raising him through the Future Farmers of America program. Finally, she couldn’t bring herself to see her friend killed at the end of her “project," so she made the decision to give Norbert a life of kindness and love. If you want to pick Norbert out of the crowd, look for his big floppy ears and permanent smile. We love that our goofy, sometimes loner buddy gets to be goofy and by himself here on the farm. You can always woo him with greens and treats.


Norbert was named after a Harry Potter dragon, but is more of a love-breathing mythical creature than fire-breathing. A big fan of scratches and the most dedicated grazer.

Floppiest Goat Ears

Originally Named after the HP Dragon Norbert

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