Olivia _ Austin Farm Sanctuary May 2021-
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Olivia's Story

Meet Olivia! Olivia is currently the only sheep at Austin Farm Sanctuary. She was originally purchased as a baby to be a companion animal to a woman's horse. Olivia became bonded to the horse quickly. Unfortunately, the horse was moved to a different boarding facility where Olivia could not go because of the threat of predators. Olivia was able to join us here to make some new connections and friends. She's settling in nicely, playing with Buddy, soaking in the sunshine and winning over all who visit with the promise of cuddles.


Sweet Olivia prefers to snack solo but is already up for a cuddle after! She gets along with everyone she meets!

Only Sheep at AFS

Softest Coat

Friends with the Smallest Goats

Photos of Olivia

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