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Austin Farm Sanctuary September 2020 (ed
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Austin Farm Sanctuary September 2020 (ed

Ricky's Story

Meet Ricky! This sweet boy became a part of our family in 2019 on pretty heartbreaking terms. He was a beloved friend of a man who lives close to the sanctuary. Ricky lived with 2 other goat buddies until tragedy struck. A neighborhood dog broke into their pen and killed Ricky’s goat companions, leaving him alone. Ricky found high enough ground quickly, so he was able to stay safe from attack until his human friend returned home. Ricky's owner found Austin Farm Sanctuary and requested relocating Ricky so he could be safe and have companions again. We are grateful that now Ricky can live a life of love and friendship. If you're trying to pick him out of the litter, look for the gorgeous brown stripes on his face!


Ricky is small, but has earned the rank of "top goat" in his group. Don't let that fool you, Ricky will be first in line for back scratches when humans come around.

Great Leader

Coolest Coat Award

Loves Back Scratches

Photos of Ricky

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