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Austin Farm Sanctuary September 2020 (ed
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Austin Farm Sanctuary September 2020 (ed

Rosie's Story

Meet Rosie! Rosie was the first cow at Austin Farm Sanctuary, joining us in July 2018. She was surrendered by a multi-generation beef cattle rancher who developed a special affinity with Rosie and wanted to make sure she stayed safe. Rosie is deaf and very undersized and because of this she was particularly vulnerable grazing free with the other cattle (who were being raised to become beef). One day Rosie was cornered by coyotes, because she couldn't hear the rest of the herd making a run for it. Luckily a neighbor noticed and was able to scare them off before things got tragic. The next day we got a call from the rancher asking if we could take her in. Rosie is a bit shy, never quite sure of she wants pets or not. She keeps her distance, but she is no pushover! She'll give a little charge if she feels uncomfortable. We are overjoyed by the presence of this sweet little soul who now has a life of certainty, love, and friendship.


Rosie was our first cow and she remains a special part of our family! She has strong boundaries, and will let you know if she needs some space, but she's a lover at heart.

Oldest AFS Cow

Surrended by Cattle Rancher


Photos of Rosie

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