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Austin Farm Sanctuary September 2020 (ed
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Rowdy Austin Farm Sanctuary February 202

Rowdy's Story

Meet Rowdy! This sweet soul joined Austin Farm Sanctuary before the move to the current location, along with his friends Missy and Dolly. Rowdy is a kind, calm dude, and there's a chance that no matter when you come volunteer, he will be up for a cuddle. If you're trying to meet him on the farm, he can be found lounging by himself, or hanging out with Dolly. If all else fails, go find a hay bail and you'll likely find him snacking!

 ROWDY 101

Rowdy in name, not in action. This sweet man is a gentle soul, loves scratches and gets daily treatment for arthritis that causes him to limp.

Most Often Found Relaxing in an Igloo

Very Wise & Full of Guidance

Missy's Rescue Partner

Photos of Rowdy

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