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Austin Farm Sanctuary September 2020 (ed
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Sissy's Story

Meet Sissy! She is sister and littermate to one of our friends who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Tiny. Like Tiny, Sissy was born to be a “breeder” through Future Farmers of America. She recently had complications giving birth to her first litter so she got a c-section and was spayed at the same time. Because she is now spayed, she is no longer of "use" to the breeding program.


Typically this means she would be sold and processed for meat, but thankfully the same wonderful woman that brought Tiny into our lives stepped in and ensured Sissy’s safety as well. We are so grateful to rescue this sweet girl and have a little bit of Tiny back into our lives, beyond the memorial garden we have for her.


Sissy is the sweetest thing! We love getting to know her personality.

Youngest of the Big Pigs

Tiny's Sister

Sweetest Smile Award

Photos of Sissy

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