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Sydney's Story

Meet Sydney! Sydney came to our family with some family of his own: Dexter and Sydney! This family came to join us in 2020, after they experienced extreme neglect. Jessie had severe eye issues and required medical need, but her eyes went untreated, so she was expected to die. Her left eye was shot out, her right eye experienced permanent damage from the untreated eye issues she had as a calf, and she was trampled by the other cows. Jessie's son, Sydney, was born premature, with little to no care for his health. Dexter was their adopted brother of sorts, living with them in the same traumatic conditions. Seeing this horror from her back porch, a woman named Wanda stepped in to remove all of them from this situation. Wanda worked hard to provide excellent care and give continuous love to Jessie, Dexter, and Sydney. When certain circumstances changed in Wanda's life, we were thrilled to continue giving them that care and love. Sydney is a talker, so listen up! We all sleep better at night knowing this family escaped the conditions they were raised in.


The baby of the herd. No matter how big he gets.

Loves the Pond

Can Usually be Found Hanging with Dexter

Jessie Mae's Son

Photos of Sydney

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