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Austin Farm Sanctuary FEbruary 2021 (edi

Tin Can's Story

Meet Tin Can! Tin Can was an FFA surrender. Like many FFA animals, their care giver (a high school student) gets very attached to them and doesn’t want to sell them into the Ag industry to be slaughtered. Tin Can’s family found us, desperate to keep their beloved goat friend safe. Tin Can joined us with some pretty severe skin issues and a cough, but with some TLC and Meds we worked through all of that. He is a very curious boy and is sure to greet you at the gate when you arrive for a security screening of any snacks you might be passing out for his crew. Tin Can is yet another example of the life these animals can live if when given love and the opportunity to flourish in freedom.


Named for his desire to eat anything, Tin Can is always first in line for treats. This goofy goat is vocal, social, and ready to make you laugh!

Hungry for Snacks

First to Say Hello

Most Chatty

Photos of Tin Can

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