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Tink's Story

Meet Tink! Tink and her little brother Pan joined Austin Farm Sanctuary in December of 2018. They had been dumped as piglets and picked up by animal control, who were then able to surrender them to Austin Farm Sanctuary to live out their precious lives. 


Here at the farm, we are grateful every day that they managed to get to a place where we could find them, and they could find us. Since her arrival, Tink has been crowned Queen of the Wallow and can often be found enjoying a mud bath, sun-bathing or sassing her older "brothers" Doya and Willy. 

TINK 101

Tink is Queen of the wallow. Can often be found enjoying a mud bath. Likes being pet.

Full of Spunk!

Best Communicator

Pan's Sister

Photos of Tink

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