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Wawa Austin Farm Sanctuary June 2021-080
Wawa nametag.png
Wawa nametag date.png
Wawa Austin Farm Sanctuary August 2021-054.jpg

Wawa's Story

Meet Wawa! Wawa was found in on the side of road in a residential area with no farmland in sight. She arrived shortly after Bocephus under very similar circumstances, and the two quickly took to each other! Wawa is confident, curious, and very social. She is a spunky goat who is demanding at meal time, gets the goat zoomies, and loves snuggling with a friend.

WAWA 101

Wawa is a confident and social goat who loves snuggling with her besite, Bocephus.

Full of Fun & Determination

Best Friends with Bocephus

Found in a Residential Area

Photos of Wawa

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