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Willy's Story

Meet Willy! This gorgeous guy was raised as a backyard meat project. He was kept in a confined space and given very little nourishment. He escaped and was picked up by animal control, but unfortunately the owner showed up and took him back to the same conditions he left. Again, Willy got out. Again, animal control gave him back to his owner. And yet again, Willy made the great escape. Animal control picked him up and informed the owner, but finally the owner gave up. Fortunately for us, our friends at Central Texas Pig Rescue (our actual neighbors right down the road from us!) told us about his situation.


After time in quarantine and the slow introduction process, our gentle giant Doya finally got to make his own forever friend. Since then Willy has gained the weight he needed to be healthy and has become the leader of the big pig pack. In all of his time here, he has NEVER tried to escape. He is home.


Can challenge you at times, especially if you smell like Peabody. Top pig in the pen. Give him space when he needs it!

Leader of the Big Pigs

Longest Tail Award

Weighing in at 700 lbs!

Photos of Willy

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