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Austin Farm Sanctuary September 2020 (ed
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Wiz's Story

Meet Wiz! This gorgeous boy joined Austin Farm Sanctuary in 2017. Wiz had been living in a small tank, and his owner was looking for a new home that was more his size.


Thankfully, Chris's sister found out, and knew just where he could go to live a happy life. He has his very own row of grass to tend to, and if you come visit you'll see he's quite the gardener of his spacious track of land. If you can't see him at first, go find his big hole in the ground, his favorite spot for naps and hang outs.

WIZ 101

Wiz is our master gardener, tending to his very own track of land each day! He loves greeting people at the fence or hanging out in his handcrafted hole.

Incredibly Fast

Very Sneaky

Excellent Digger

Photos of Wiz

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