Howdy Y'all

Welcome to Austin Farm Sanctuary, 

a safe haven for farmed animals.

We're a 501(c)(3) Animal Rescue Farm and Organization in Austin, Texas!

We provide rescue, rehabilitation and a forever home to farmed animals.


We strive to create a world farmed animals are happy to call home. We work to build relationships between people and farm animals. Through this we hope to encourage mindfulness and shift the way society perceives and values these amazing creatures.

Meet Our Residents


The pig that started it al! Doya is 600 lbs. of love and sweetness! He's a big fan of belly rubs and loves affection.


Buddy is such a strong boy, taking blindness by the horns and not letting that hold him back. He is 100% a lap puppy and excitedly awaits snuggle time.


Dexter, aka "Mr. Fluff", loves taking dips in the pond and is all about affection... could he be any cuter? 

Tour the Sanctuary

A large part of our mission at Austin Farm Sanctuary is building positive relationships between people and farmed animals. We are grateful to get to share their stories and would love for you to meet them.


We offer private in-person tours as well as virtual tours where you get to meet the animal residents, hear their history and learn fun/unique facts about them and other farm animals. 


We believe all animals are worthy

of love and respect.

The sanctuary is home to over 65 animals of 8 different species.

Our animal residents eat over 400 lbs. of hay/feed every single day!

We've been building the sanctuary

for 4 amazing years.

"MOOOre Food",

says Dexter.

Help keep his belly full by sponsoring today! 

Follow Our Journey

Keep up with the Sanctuary

(and see cute farm animal pictures)

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Cedar Creek, TX 78612

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